New User Gift Package content

After successful registration, 100 yuan coupon will be given if more than or equal to 100 yuan is put in the account. Maximum 500 yuan is for one account.

Involvement process

Register Inspur Cloud account and input
actual and valid information
Activate account
Wait for account check
Successful registration
Contact customer manager to apply
for New User Gift Package

Activity rules

1. Account registration must be after January 1st 2017, with no resource accessed.

2. If the charge amount is integral multiple of 100 yuan,the gift amount can be accumulated, maximum to 500 yuan.

3. After the gift amount is given, the gift amount and the relative charged amount cannot be cashed up.

4. Each account only permits one recharge-with-gift opportunity. Second or more recharges cannot give user the gift.

5. Users cannot participate this activity and other preferential activities of Inspur Cloud at the same time.

Regular questions


Q: After successful registration, why the gift amount is not delivered?

A: After successful registration, please wait for call of customer manager. We will complete verification and deliver gift amount in one business day. If you have any question, please contact customer service.


Q: What does it mean by no resource accessed yet?

A: It means that after this account is registered, no products of Inspur Cloud is purchased or free-tried through this account. If you have any question, please contact customer service.


Q: During the activity period, I received gift amount of 100 yuan for 100 yuan recharge. After that I recharge 200 yuan, but no gift amount is sent. Why?

A: The activity of “buy one and get one free” is only effective for the first charge. If you have any question, please contact customer service.


Q: How to contact customer service?

A: During the activity period, customer manager will call back proactively. You can check “On-line Customer Service” or dial 400-607-6657 for contact information of customer manager.