Why choose Inspur Cloud Service

Understand that how Inspur Cloud Service provides you with
the most professional basic cloud services

Focus on cloud services for government, industries and large enterprises

Inspur Cloud focuses on cloud services for government, industries and large enterprises, provides various industry solutions, and has professional architects to provide a dedicated one-to-one architecture consulting guidance. We will provide you with safe, stable and flexible cloud services during your start-up, rapid-growth or mature stage.

Technology promotion with cost reducing

Inspur Cloud can reduce your IT costs in a variety of ways, at the same time, it can bring the expectable cost reduction to you. Multiple pricing models, including by year, by month and on demand, allow you to start your business with very little fund.

Safe and stable operating environment

Inspur Cloud was listed in the first batch that passed the national trusted cloud certification. It can ensure that your business is operating in a safe and stable environment. Patented hot kernel patch online repair technology and online business hot migration technology will help you deal with all kinds of emergency.

Flexible configuration of your resources

Computing, storage and network resources of Inspur Cloud are scalable. In the case that businesses surge, resources can be created in second-level, or removed if not needed. All hardware can be flexibly upgraded, which will instantly enhance the performance of the architecture. The custom mirror function helps you quickly set up hundreds of servers, which will accelerate your business online. Further more, the bandwidth can be expanded in fixed quantity and time through bandwidth packet, in order to deal with peak traffic.

Full service with business development

Inspur Cloud professional architects and technical support team will provide you with full service. Before purchase, we can provide you with a one-to-one architecture consulting guidance to help you choose the best combination of architecture; during your use, our technical support team will be 7*24 hours standby; Our professional R&D and operation/maintenance team is available for direct communication with VIP customers to solve various technical problems.