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  • 1.  Reindex from Remoteedit



    POST _reindex


      "source": {

        "remote": {

          "host": "http://otherhost:9200",

          "username": "user",

          "password": "pass"


        "index": "source",

        "query": {

          "match": {

            "test": "data"




      "dest": {

        "index": "dest"



    # host参数必须包含scheme、host和port(例如https:// otherhost:9200)

    # username和password参数可选

    使用时需要在elasticsearch.yml中配置 reindex.remote.whitelist 属性。可以设置多组(例如,otherhost:9200, another:9200, 127.0.10.*:9200, localhost:*)。

    具体使用可参考 :

    2.  Elasticsearch-Dump


    ● Installing



    npm install elasticdump -g


    ● Use


    # Copy an index from production to staging with analyzer and mapping:

    elasticdump \

      --input= \

      --output= \


    elasticdump \

      --input= \

      --output= \


    elasticdump \

      --input= \

      --output= \


    # Copy a single shard data:

    elasticdump \

      --input= \

      --output= \

      --params='{"preference" : "_shards:0"}'


    3.  Elasticsearch-Migration


    ● Download


    ● Use

    ./bin/esm -s http://192.168.1.x:9200/ -d http://192.168.1.y:9200/ -x 
    src_index -y dest_index -w=5 -b=100 
    # Options   
    -s, --source=     source elasticsearch instance   
    -d, --dest=       destination elasticsearch instance   
    -q, --query=      query against source elasticsearch instance, filter data before migrate, ie: name:medcl   
    -m, --source_auth basic auth of source elasticsearch instance, ie: user:pass   
    -n, --dest_auth   basic auth of target elasticsearch instance, ie: user:pass   
    -c, --count=      number of documents at a time: ie "size" in the scroll request (10000)   
    --sliced_scroll_size=      size of sliced scroll, to make it work, the size should be > 1, default:"1"   
    -t, --time=       scroll time (1m)       
      --shards=     set a number of shards on newly created indexes       
      --copy_settings copy index settings from source       
      --copy_mappings copy mappings mappings from source   
    -f, --force      delete destination index before copying, default:false   
    -x, --src_indexes=    list of indexes to copy, comma separated (_all), support wildcard match(*)   
    -y, --dest_index=    indexes name to save, allow only one indexname, original indexname will be used if not specified   
    -a, --all         copy indexes starting with . and _ (false)   
    -w, --workers=    concurrency number for bulk workers, default is: "1"   
    -b  --bulk_size   bulk size in MB" default:5   
    -v  --log         setting log level,options:trace,debug,info,warn,error   
    -i  --input_file  indexing from local dump file, file format: {"_id":"xxx","_index":"xxx","_source":{"xxx":"xxx"},"_type":"xxx"  }   
    -o  --output_file output documents of source index into local file, file format same as input_file.   
    --source_proxy     set proxy to source http connections, ie:   
    --dest_proxy       set proxy to destination http connections, ie:   
    --refresh          refresh after migration finished



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