Inspur SME Cloud

Relying on the Inspur CSP cloud support platform, Inspur SME (Small Medium Enterprises) Cloud integrates enterprise management application software, uses sharing economy to reshape the Cloud service model for SMEs , provides SaaS services for SMEs. It aims to promote the innovation and development of SMEs, realize the Internet, cloud transformation. It includes Inspur Financial Cloud Service Platform and Inspur Cloud Accounting.

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Inspur financial cloud service platform

1. The platform can create vertical O2O slip in the field of financial services for small and micro enterprises specifically, connect SMEs and service providers, match making transaction.
2. The platform introduces many high-quality and professional services company, provides fast and convenient service, including tax services, attestation services, training services, human resources, legal consulting, corporate finance, cross-border exchanges, etc., for SMEs.
3. A single key function makes the service transaction is no longer limited by time and space. During the era of entrepreneurship and innovation, it makes entrepreneurs to obtain perfect, innovative, efficient tax service experience.

Inspur cloud accounting

1. SaaS mode online accounting tool, online accounts, no installation, automatic upgrades, easy collaboration and data security, the platform can really realize the rapid accounting, accurate accounting, convenient tax accounts for small and micro businesses.
2. The platform can solve the traditional stand-alone software complex operation and poor usability problems, it effectively improves the work efficiency and the service level of accounting personnel, and can meet the personalized needs of customers.
3. It provides account management, business tracking, performance evaluation and other account management functions for account agency.


Inspur financial cloud service platform

1. The platform data provide credible policy decision support for the government to solve the service support problem for "public entrepreneurship, innovation".
2. The process is transparent and standard, price is reasonable, the platform can achieve high-quality and standard financial services in one-stop mode throughout the entire life cycle of small and micro enterprises, help enterprises to better enjoy the government's policy dividend.
3. The platform provides better channels of attracting customers for service providers, reduces the cost of attracting customer, to avoid low price competition.

Inspur cloud accounting

1. More efficient, doubling efficiency of the traditional software: fast input, quick guide, quickly create accounts, automatic creation of account books and statements, real-time data updating.
2. More professional, let account company design: management of employees and customers, tracking the progress of the work, the individual account table to show all customers, role data display in WeChat mobile version.

User cases

SME Bureau of Shandong province, SME Bureau of Nanjing City, SME Bureau of Zibo City,etc.

Partner information

The Inspur General Software Co. Ltd.