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       Safety protection

      Based on the traditional WAF rule defense system and big data, Web secure real-time protection system builds a complete security protection system, carried on omnibearing safety protection security protection for web sites. It makes up for the limitation of traditional WAF relying solely on rules. Through the basic defense, cloud defense and exclusive defense of the three layer protection system, protect the safe operation of the customer's Web system.


       Basic defense

      Rule defense / virtual patch: similar to traditional WAF, but due to the deployment of Web security real-time protection based on cloud mode, you can optimize cloud defense rules library and distribute virtual uncertain program in real time. Save the cost of a single device manual upgrade, when there is a 0day or 1day attack, you can shorten the security gap as much as possible.
        Region / time based access control: some government and expired sites do not need to be accessed to by foreign users. Most of the attacks from outside are the attack or attack springboard. Customers can set up a complete isolation of the site's outbound requests, and can set access control based on IP and access time.


       Cloud defense

      Security rating cloud: is a unique security defense technology. All web access behavior of Web security real-time protection will be recorded. These visitors’ IP will be recorded in security rating cloud of the Web IP real-time security protection, and can be carried on security rating according to access behavior. As the bank's credit mechanism, the rating cloud will be dynamically updating based on historical events trends and the behavior of misconduct. When the function is turned on, Web security real-time protection will intercept and shield visitors with a low level of security credit to protect the security of the user's site.
        Defensive linkage: specific protective means of cloud mode. When an attacker launched an attack on any site within the Web security real-time protection, the cloud protection platform will record the behavior of the attacker, and make the linkage of all sites in the shield platform to shield from the attacker's attack. It will break through the barrier of traditional single point equipment by transforming the single rule defense system into the whole Internet Cooperative Defense system.


       Exclusive defense

      Exclusive defense is also known as the online lock, is proposed solutions based on the last ring of the defense system for Web security real-time protection. When full security protection is required in special sensitive period, Web security real-time protection can target and lock the entire protected system, any of its network attacks cannot work.

       Anti-DDoS attack

      The traditional protection device prevents the DDoS attack by the performance of single point single device. But the Web security real-time protection prevents DDoS attack based on high performance cluster. With hundreds of GB massive bandwidth and high-speed transmission network, it can effectively resist all kinds of DDoS attacks and CC attacks.


       A more comprehensive and complete security system

      Compared with the traditional WAF, Web security real-time protection provides a security system based on cloud based defense system and the traditional rule defense system. Based on the combination of the cloud defense system and defense system in traditional rules, it can provide the entire station lock during sensitive period, can also provide a safe substitute function for system recovery. For customers, select the Web website real-time protection products, not only is the site of the Web being security protected, but also includes the flow of 5Gbps for anti-DDoS attacks, as well as the default static page CDN speeding up service, let the customer's Web website get better service.


       Powerful intelligent technology

      Through the intelligent learning technology, the platform can achieve extremely simple and convenient operation and deployment, the so-called "more complex, more simple"; based on a large amount of big data intelligent analysis algorithm, it can provide reliable web system security statements for the enterprise, the security situation is clear, you no longer need to worry about log analysis.


       High performance server cluster

      Based on the hundreds of thousands of high-performance devices and massive bandwidth backbone network, web security real-time protection can provide high performance protection solutions for enterprise Web system, and can cope with all kinds of DDoS, CC attack more effectively.


       Enhance the efficiency of enterprise information security personnel

      The web site real-time protection platform carries on unified deployment, centralized management, it greatly saves maintenance costs. Public cloud is maintained by the professional team for 7x24 hours, it saves the cost of operation and maintenance of enterprises, enhances the efficiency of enterprise information security personnel. It can ensure uninterrupted operation of business. Free installation, free deployment, a key to open defense.


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