SSL Certificate / HTTPS Automation


       HTTPS transport encryption

      SSL refers to the secure socket layer protocol (and transport layer protocol TLS), is located between the TCP/IP protocol and various application layer protocol, providing security support for data communications. It is the most widely used security protocol. It provides an information secure channel between two computers that operate on the Internet or an internal network, that is, HTTPS (deployed the SSL certificate, implement HTTPS).


       Anti-phishing sites

      The technology regulates to identify the identity of the certificate owner through unique SSL credentials. Firstly, verify the certificate owner identity, and then issue the SSL certificate.


       Automated HTTPS

      Through combining the API interface with the cloud, cloud users in the cloud platform can achieve fast certificate lifecycle management. It can easily carry on implementation of certificate application, certificate issue, certificate safe deployment, certificate re-issue, certificate upgrade, certificate revocation, certificate expiration reminder and renewal etc.


       Fast online SSL certificate application

      Through the MPK certificate life cycle management system, the service can achieve the rapid certificate life cycle management; certificate format and key management; provide a wealth of functional reporting center, advanced cloud platform management, and automated ReslfulAPI interface.


       Powerful SSL Cloud digital certificate monitoring system

      Through the global multi-point inter-regional inter-operator distributed cloud monitoring, the system can achieve multi-DNS polling, multiple server load balancing; unique deep SSL integrated testing of the industry; it possesses 7*24 hours all-weather reminder service, Email, SMS, WeChat customization, and powerful detailed reporting system.


       High-performance response

       The response can meet cloud automation / large scale SSL certificate application and deployment


       Enhance the efficiency of enterprise information security personnel

      In the cloud, the HTTPS service can be achieved via one-touch, it may save operating costs, enhance the user experience. It provides service for 7*24 hours, maximumly saves the cost of operation and maintenance of enterprises, enhances the efficiency of enterprise information security personnel.

User cases

       Tencent cloud, Baidu cloud, UCloud

Partner information

       Trustasia technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.