Fiscal Regulatory Cloud Platform

Based on cloud computing and big data technology, Fiscal Regulatory Cloud Platform realizes the concentration of the budget unit fiscal accounting data. It integrates with treasury centralized payment system seamlessly, provides a variety of regulatory analysis and information summary for the financial sector. Through this system, it is helpful for the finance department to strengthen the supervision of fiscal funds, standardize the financial management of the unit, improve the efficiency of data collection, and promote the scientific and technological anticorrosion. The cloud provides a solid guarantee supervision for the budget and final accounts open, three public funds supervision.


Comprehensive supervision

Fiscal regulatory cloud realizes summary analysis and implementation monitoring of budget execution information data, understands the budget unit's revenue and expenditure and the use of funds, supervises the budget units use fiscal funds legally and properly, prevents financial risk effectively.

Treasury payment system integration

Through data exchange certificate documents, the cloud realizes partial link between Inspur financial accounting system and treasury payment system, complete sthe integrated application from the implementation of the budget to financial accounting.

Accounting platform

Accounting platform achieves centralized financial management, takes all budget units into a unified information system for management. The Bureau of finance formulates relevant accounting standards and norms. Each budget unit carries out the accounting work with the standard and standard constraints. The financial data of each budget unit are deposited in the Municipal Finance Bureau. The Municipal Finance Bureau can check the financial data of the budget unit in real time, so as to supervise and manage it.


Strengthen supervision in a variety of ways

The cloud provides the function of data collection and comparative analysis of multiple budget units, it is very convenient to analyze and monitor the assets of one budget unit.

Data concentration, solve the problem of slow information feedback

In the new financial management and control mode, the financial data of all budget units are concentrated in the financial bureau. Financial Bureau can timely understand the financial situation of a budget unit. It abandoned the layer by layer manner for original old report to ensure the authenticity of financial data.

Improve the data accuracy and real-time performance

Through the integrated application of treasury payment system, the cloud improves work efficiency, ensures data consistency, achieves source supervision.

User cases

Linyi Finance Bureau, Heze Finance Bureau, Weihai Finance Bureau, etc.

Partner information

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