State Assets Regulatory Cloud Platform


Capital management

      Capital management system focuses on capital management budgets, achieves capital budget revenue and expenditure management, timely understands the economic benefits of state capital investment.


       People management

      People management system supervises personnel related to state-owned assets supervision, including the management of enterprise leaders, performance appraisal, comprehensive performance management, the total wage management, management of reserve cadres of enterprises, etc. Through the management of enterprise leaders and performance management and other content, it can fulfill business responsibility, to ensure the preservation and increment of state-owned assets.

       Affairs management

      Affairs management system supervises the management of the major events of the enterprise, including the financial budget, financial statements, financial accounts, investment plans, major capital payments, major assets, reform and reorganization, major debt and other contents.


       Assets management

      Around the property management, assets management system includes product registration, product changes, product transactions, product write off, asset evaluation, etc.


Implementation of dynamic regulation

      State-owned assets supervision cloud can timely access to regulatory business data, achieve a comprehensive, accurate and dynamic supervision, improve the management and control of enterprises, promote enterprise internal control management, avoid business risk.


       Strengthen business analysis

      The cloud sets up analysis index and early warning index system, realizes multi dimension analysis and early warning of enterprise, industry and the overall situation, easily makes the leaders to master the operation of the enterprises and the whole operation timely, assists the leaders in decision-making.

       Improve work quality

      By optimizing the process, establishing standards, strengthening dynamic monitoring and business analysis, the cloud can improve the efficiency and quality of work.


       Promote enterprise development

      The cloud can improve the SASAC guidance to enterprises and service level, help enterprise to develop program, reform and restructure, strengthen internal control, control risk, improve management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the healthy development of enterprises.

User cases

      Shandong provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission、State-owned assets supervision and administration commission of Tianjin、Hubei、Shanxi、Qingdao、Jiangmen、Yantai, etc.

Partner information

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