Government Service InID

Government Service InID aims at each government user that government affair cloud confronts, provides a unified identity management and access control platform, achieves the unified management of the whole life cycle of all users’ identity accounts; provides a variety of authentication methods, realizes the unified authentication and single sign-on of cloud platform application, government office system, non-secret business application system; improves the standardization and security of government information management effectively.


Identity management service platform

Identity management service platform provides all internal user’s full lifecycle management for government agency, supports user's new-built, modification, deletion, permissions distribution; supports the strategy of setting password; can view, browse, retrieve user’s login situation; supports timing and manual synchronization with each application user.

Access to authentication service platform

On the basis of different system security levels and different user experience requirements, the platform supports users to flexibly choose different authentication methods such as CA certificate, dynamic token, fingerprint identification, face recognition, etc.; it provides standard SDK interface and the way of authorized password filled in automatically access to application.

Unified access portal

The platform provides unified application access portal. Once logging on the portal, users can access to all kinds of applications that have been authorized, no need to input ID and password again.


Support various application scenarios

The unified authentication of Cloud platform application, the unified authentication of the leading party construction, the unified authentication of the same user internal application

Flexible usage mode

Government Service InID provides services in the way of service; it provides services in the way of special product, users customize the product on-demand.

Compatible with all types of applications

Government affair service InID provides standard SDK interface which supports SAML, OAuth, WS-Federation and other security protocols, applications quickly access; it provides the way of password filled automatically, without changing the application, direct access.

User quickly access

Stock users take batch import mode; new users have two modes, mainly via push, use account drop-down auxiliarily.

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