Public Opinion Analysis

Enter the application


     Data acquisition

       Data acquisition supports data collection from comprehensive portal website, forum, blog, news, micro-blog group, post Bar, video, social networking, electronic newspaper and so on;

       It supports collecting information from forum that need to register account;

       It supports individual collection of different regions, different industries, and different types;

       It adopts the method of combining directional monitoring of key site with non-directional monitoring of non-key sites, the whole network collection, real-time acquisition, timely collection;

       It configures frequency priority for websites of different influence;

       It supports keywords primary classification, two level classification.

      Data analysis

       HTML text extraction: includes title, content, time, source, author, etc.;
       Data analysis possesses emotion analysis model, analyzes “whether it is related to me or not”, “whether it is public sentiment or not”, “whether it is negative or not”;
       Based on the attributes of information emotion and sentiment orientation, the information weight is calculated by using system patent algorithm;
       Data analysis system supports users to focus on public opinion by applying tracking function for real-time tracking and viewing, the system can automatically track data source, release time, spreading path, dissemination content of the public opinion, automatically form a tracking list for tracking information.

      Data management

       Data management system supports daily, weekly, monthly, micro-blog daily, analysis report, crisis control, custom report; it supports exporting the report to additional formats such as WORD, EXCEL and PDF; it supports automatic report generation, the report includes data statistics chart;

       Related information push: customize whether the information related to public opinion is sent or not, support timely pushing the information via the mail, text messaging, WeChat, APP client, etc.

       The platform can carry out early warning if the public opinion information weight is over certain value, and form an early warning chart for warning information in a period of time.

       Automatic filtering of advertisements and spams.

      Other functions

       Chart export: users can export charts by themselves.

       Acquisition and tracking: check if an important public opinion information has been already present in the report.

       Data import: support manual introduction of public opinion information.

       Matching analysis: analyze the details of public opinion information matching.

       Content parsing: analyze the detailed information of the contents, including text content, image content, debugging content, etc.

       Article similarity: determine the similarity of the two paragraphs of the text in detail.

       Extract link content: analyze URL hidden in the link address text.


      Mobile monitoring

       The platform is equipped with mobile client, it is convenient for users to pay attention to public opinion information at any time.

      Comprehensive information

       No less than 250 thousand built-in sites, no less than 200 print media, ensure the comprehensiveness of information sources

      Fast timeliness of Data

       The system grabs the entire network on ten micro-blog platforms, the timeliness of data is less than 5 minutes.

      Wide search coverage

       Acquire results from no less than 10 major search engines, including news search, forum search, web search, blog search, etc. Such as Baidu, Soso, Bing, Jike, Panguso, Iask, Qihoo, YAHOO, Sina, etc.

      Multi way early warning

       Support mail, SMS, desktop, WeChat, APP client and other early warnings.

User cases

      JiNan Forestry Bureau、JiNan Railway Administration、Xinhua News Agency Shandong Branch