Website Group System

Website Group System is used to create government web sites, or provides Internet services for all types of websites. Based on the mature cloud computing technology, Website Group System provides multi-tenant architecture as the basis for the site group management platform. It can be quickly created through the website group platform. The implemented site group is still running in multi-tenant architecture. Every time when open a site, performing one-key site construction can create an independent site in the form of an existing template. At the same time, site management can provide the required functions, including program management, visual template customization, custom skin settings, custom view switching, a key generating of special site, special site, content publishing management, built-in workflow engine, information disclosure, online interviews, questionnaire survey, static service for the information life cycle.


Content management

It is a performance site content management component based on J2EE and AJAX technology. It integrates content creation, template based content distribution, content collection, content retrieval and multimedia content management. Non-professional users can quickly grasp the content management, content information sharing and implementation. Web browser based interface is easy to use, allowing users to efficiently complete the creation, management and release of content.

Website group management

The system can provide website group management functions, undertake the construction and maintenance of the same platform for the main website and all levels of departments and sub branches. Through the one-key site construction function of station group management, you can create an independent site in the form of an existing template. The data can be exchanged between the sites through the data transfer function.

Information publication

It provides functions required by the public process, including information publication guidelines, directories, documents and the publication of the original content, the annual report of information disclosure, applying for publication according to the law, etc. It provides a quick search of the documents required by the public, and an online search and satisfaction evaluation for the applied publication.

Full-text retrieval

The system can search the content efficiently, support all popular document formats, extract the text body automatically, generate the content summary, customize the display form for the search results, to meet the special requirements of different industries. It is to be built as a vertical search engine in the segmentation field.

Questionnaire survey

The system can be used to implement complex questionnaires. It supports various forms such as yes-no questions, multiple choice, task selection, multiple-choice questions, ordinary fill in the blanks, digital fill in the blanks, fill in the word expression, narrative questions, etc. It can provide the complete analysis report.

Online interview

The system can provide two forms of live interviews and interview text release. Live interviews can provide online interactive interviews for host, guests, and net users. In the form of online interview, the type of interview text release is to simply operating and publishing the interview content completed offline. The structure design of the system fully takes into account the multi-layer interaction of multimedia content production, content audit, and users’ authentication, etc.

Information acquisition

High-performance multi-task web crawler, is enabled to customize the acquisition target, carry on multi-level collection, support custom collection scripts, easily collect different types of Web information. Through the configuration of the content extraction tool, you can easily extract the information collected in the Web page.

Responsive layout

The same site is compatible with different terminal access. In the daily maintenance, you only need to maintain one copy of content, without repeating and releasing the same content in different terminals to save maintenance costs. Through automatic response file call in different terminals, the phone will automatically call pictures and video files of small format to save visitors’ data flow.

WeChat subscription

WeChat management service is highly integrated in the content management. At the Web management side, it can configure WeChat parameter management, generate custom menu, manage user authentication, carry on authorization for WeChat users, send mass site news to WeChat certified users and provide a variety of information templates available.


Powerful expansion ability

The system provides a complete business component architecture. The platform is like an operating system, the business component is equivalent to the application. All functions are implemented by different business components. These components can be installed, unloaded, and updated online.
The scalability of the carrying capacity will also be considered. When access is increasing, it can provide bearing capacity through virtualization, cluster, etc.

Flexible maintenance methods

Web site function adjustment can be completed through the visual configuration, do not need to change the program.
Flexible skin settings, increase the site's display style.
Flexible view options, allow the page to be displayed in different ways.

Solid frame foundation

The underlying infrastructure is robust enough, even if it is to be changed in future, there is no need to reverse and refactor at all.

Fast group creation

It can create site via one key. Through the existing web site templates, the site group can be quickly created. After maintenance the content can be quickly deployed on the line.

User cases

Credit Shandong, Credit Fujian, credit Qingdao, Ji'nan industry and commerce, the association of Listed Companies in Shandong Province, Hainan people's Congress, Ningxia tobacco, Jiangsu civil affairs public service, Guangdong pharmaceutical public service platform, etc.

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