InDisk, launched by Inspur specifically for enterprise, is an enterprise-level network disk product that can support internal deployment of enterprises. Besides the basic file operations of common personal network disk, this product is also enabled to conveniently set permissions, share for the file (folder), it can support the characteristic like multi-cooperation, etc. The product supports multi terminal accesses; in the underlying file storage, able to add storage nodes on demand, supporting elastic capacity expansion.

File application


InDisk server end function

As data cloud storage service, InDisk relies on cloud storage, can provide data cloud storage services, the data stored by the user will be placed into the cloud storage space via InDisk.
File encryption storage, in order to ensure the safety of data and prevent information leakage of user data, InDisk provides content encryption function to ensure data security.
InDisk optimizes file storage. For the file uploaded by user, InDisk built-in document unification algorithm, solves the problem of two identical files stored repeatedly, to effectively save storage space.
InDisk supports various resource storage modes, the storage modes chosen by the backstage are divided into: local file system, network file system, distributed file system or InFile.
Document content can be full text retrieved, using the built-in search engine technology, through the creation of metadata, index library, etc., InDisk can achieve the full text document content retrieval. And by means of multi core independent operation, it improves searching efficiency. With caching mechanism, it improves searching performance. The search results can be also processed, sorted, recommended and specially displayed.
Management, through InDisk rights management, InDisk can better protect the security of user documents, can also meet the needs of multi document collaboration.
Document format conversion, in order to facilitate users to view the document in the browser, InDisk provides functions like the document format conversion, image compression and cutting, etc.
Automated external resource pulling, InDisk provides the function of automated external resource pulling. As long as the users specify a detailed file address, submit to the server, the server will pull file according to the file address which user submitted, and place the file in the user's InDisk.
Data cloud storage services, InDisk has space quota management function. Administrator can maintain the InDisk virtual space which can be used by user through management functions.

InDisk application client function

File upload. Through the file upload function, the user can choose one or more files uploaded to the InDisk.
File download and browse. File download allows users to download the file in the cloud disk and save to the local place.
File management and maintenance, including folder management, file deletion and recovery, file history back-up support, file sharing, document searching, folder sharing, file collections, etc.


Rely on cloud storage to ensure massive data storage and management.
Ensure data safety and reliability.
Multiple client access methods.
Content sharing and collaboration.
Provide application interface, to facilitate the expansion of development.
Support multiple data sources.
Built-in full text search engine.

User cases

High Education Press, etc.