Cloud Mailbox

The mailbox provides enterprise-level services of more functions, more space capacity, more stable and efficient, stronger performance for anti-spam and virus,faster and more stable mail delivery with more security.


Basic functions

The mailbox supports intelligent terminal template, read write bounce mail, self-service query, auto reply, mail recall, mail filter, full text search, etc.

System security

The mailbox system supports mail self-destruction, whole password protection, security alerts, mail secret level,email secure transmission, CAC intelligent anti-spam system, anti-virus mail engine, etc.

System management

The mailbox system possesses management functions including: enterprise customization, organization classification management, administrator privilege level, users service grade, organization mail list, user / mail delay delete, mail log tracking, statistical analysis of system data, system health self-inspection report, etc.

Value-added function

The mailbox supports meetings and schedules, mailbox sharing, network hard disk and large file transfer station,dynamic secret protection, mail backup, mail archive, mail monitoring and audit.


Stable and reliable guarantee

The mailbox is a high performance e-mail system, collocates with overseas deployed server, makes users to enjoy the high-speed mail login and mail delivery service anytime anywhere, it can be remote disaster recovery, and the global postal service.

Rich in management functions

Management functions include all terminal mail transceiver, mobile phone, tablet, computer three screens in one,new message arrival reminder, work schedule reminder.

Double safety certification

Six aspects of mailbox using, login, mail delivery, management, anti-spam, system architecture, data storage, are security protected.

User cases

Ji'nan Municipal Government, etc.