Government Collaboration Cloud

Government affairs collaboration cloud is oriented to government affairs network, provides high-quality collaborative communications and video conferencing services


Terminal support

Government affairs collaboration cloud supports the CISCO right terminal, including: telepresence, multi-function equipment, video conference terminals, desktop terminal, soft terminal and IP telephone.

Conference control support

Government affairs collaboration cloud develops the conference control system independently,provides optimal meeting control, protects important conference.


Users possess hierarchical, sub rights management.

IT integration

It can integrate with existing IT services, including Outlook, AD\LDAP, PBX, etc.


High definition

It supports HD\FULLHD resolution.


It supports large capacity MCU resource pool, meet the needs of a large meeting.

Research and develop

It researches and develops the conference control system independently, so as to make the conference more relaxed.


It is a real operating system, and is without management of platform equipment, users possess two level administrative privileges.

Commercial grade

It comprehensively adopts the world's most advanced CISCO technology to set up.

User cases

Zhejiang University、Hengfeng Bank、Hangzhou Government、Hangzhou Traffic Police, etc.