Account verification product InAC is a personal information disclosure preventive and reminding service on the Internet, to detect whether information leakages happen to the e-mail accounts of individuals or organizations.

File application


Self-submit domain name

The information administrators of enterprises that use the service can self-submit the domain name for detection.

Leakage update in real time
The account checklist keeps track of updates in real time, and alerts the administrator when a major leak event occurs.

One-key notification of leaked account
For the detection of the leakage of mailbox and password, accurate one-key notification can be sent to responsible persons of the mailbox .

Feedback confirmation reminder
Employees who receive the e-mails of leakage can confirm with feedback.With reminder of changing password, personal password protection awareness can be enhanced.


First in China
First platform of account leakage detection fro governments and enterprises in China
Accurate data
Acquire data happened in dark net immediately after leakage, guaranteeing information effectiveness
Fast and convenient
User-friendly interface to reduce the complexity of administrator operations