InvFW is a security protection product launched by Inspur cloud for tenants, it can provide L2-L7 protection capability for each cloud tenant, to protect the asset security for tenants.

File application


Tenant segregation:

InvFW supports inter-tenant isolation in cloud environment, develops security access policy for different tenants.

Attack protection:

InvFW supports multiple messages attack protection, and many DDoS attack protections including SYN Flood, ACK Flood, etc.


InvFW can support IPSec, SSL VPN, support IKEv2, Xauth, OCSP, SCEP and other protocols

Monitoring statistics:

InvFW can support URL, NAT, sessions, threats and other logs, support real-time statistics and analysis functions


Software based virtual firewall, can be applied to a variety of virtualization platforms.
It can be managed by tenants independently, and can be deployed on demand.
It possesses professional protection function of the next generation firewall.
It can be extended dynamically according to the business requirements.

User cases

Shandong Food and Drug Administration

Recommended configurations

1. Network layer throughput: 2Gbps
  Maximum number of concurrent sessions: 100,000
  New connections per second: 10,000 

2. Network layer throughput: 4Gbps
  Maximum number of concurrent sessions: 500,000
  New connections per second: 20,000