Security Center

InSecurity provides you with security protection and security testing services, including DDoS attack detection, brute force detection, remote login reminder and protection. It copes with various network attacks, security vulnerability problems, helps you to grasp the business security dynamics in time, protects the stable operation of your service.

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Safety examination

Security center can overall assess the whole network security status, provide comprehensive evaluation scores, and help users to master the whole situation. Whether it is being attacked by DDoS, whether it is being cracked by violence, whether there are abnormal remote login, all states are real-time displayed, no need to check each cloud server one by one exhaustingly, users grasp the security situation easily.

DDoS attack detection

Through the monitoring and analysis of the export total flows, based on years of experience in DDoS operations and a large number of attacks, security center is able to detect attacks automatically, and do the works of fine classification, identification, cleaning. The detected attack types include: SYN Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, DNS reflection attacks, NTP reflection attacks, SSDP reflection attacks, SNMP reflection attacks, HTTP Flood, HTTP slow attacks, HTTPS Flood, etc., which are four, seven layer common types of attacks.

Brute force crack identification

Security center can identify hacker violence crack behavior, offer detailed information on violence, such as the source of the attack, source address, attack time, etc. You can choose to directly pull the attack source into the blacklist, to prevent damage and loss.

Remote login reminder

Remote login may be due to password leak caused by hacker login. On the basis of your own situation, you can determine whether the remote login is your own behavior or the remote login behavior caused by potential hacker’s stealing password.

Safe API

Security center can open security API interface, you can deal with scheduling flexibly by means of your own needs, integrate security management into your own operation and maintenance management system.


Real-time monitoring

Security center can real-time monitor the current security situation, and make security information easy to read; it can make intelligent analysis and give comprehensive evaluation results.

Professional support

Security center offers 7*24*365 security services, year-round restless professional team’s technical support for your business security.

Safe and free

No need to purchase safety equipment, after purchasing cloud server and external network IP, security center can freely open for you to use. (Currently only available in the Beijing data center)