InCDN(Inspur Content Delivery Network)service, means content delivery network, distributes user's accelerating content to nearly 500 service nodes deployed in the world, and conducts intelligent control and caching, calculates the nearest access node for users, provides customers with better and faster network experience.

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Web page, small file acceleration

Web and small file acceleration services help customers to improve the user access speed and service availability, by distributing static content that needs to be accessed to each cache server located at the edge of the network, assign user’s request is to the nearest server automatically.

Large file download acceleration

Downloading large files like document, video, software package, application, game client end, results in a very large load on the source server, it is able to use CDN to provide the file needed to be downloaded for the user in the nearest server, it not only can reduce the load of the source station, but also can improve the user satisfaction, download the required files at a faster speed.

Video on demand acceleration

The use of Inspur InCDN will make you enjoy high-speed, low-cost data transmission services, it helps streaming media companies, such as online video sites, online education sites, to provide stable, high-quality, low-cost video distribution services, make your users to enjoy high-quality video experience anywhere in the country.

Live video acceleration

Live video streaming acceleration adopts many streaming media protocols, supports cross routing, gateway, firewall, audio and video are completely synchronized, remote users can watch video simultaneously. Through the national distribution of high-quality network and multiple security mechanisms to ensure the user's smooth live viewing experience.

Log analysis

Detailed access logs provide the basis for service statistics and analysis.

Safety protection

Inspur cloud’s InCDN takes multiple security measures, supports file anti-stealing-link, by the means of distributed deployment, prevents that due to DDos or CC attacks, resulting in server resources being exhausted, access being terminated.

Open API

Support third party developers access data through opening interface.


Perfect combination with InFile

Combined with InFile, InCDN can solve the problem of mass data storage and distribution for you. It supports the source station data to be stored in the UFile, and to be adjusted according to the needs, the network content distribution becomes more quickly and easily, save cost.

Live streaming

InCDN provides live video acceleration function, supports a variety of streaming media transmission protocol, offers remote HD live and real-time transcoding.

Superior performance

InCDN’s acceleration performance is excellent, it can stably support a large number of images, audio, video and other documents to be accessed and downloaded, and easily deal with massive user concurrent access.

Dynamic optimization

The total number of acceleration nodes is more than 500, the nodes are cross enterprise, cross regional, and realize global network coverage. InCDN adopts flexible optimization and scheduling strategy, helps the user to select the optimal node by real-time data driven and load balancing technology.

Low cost

InCDN achieves the same or even better results with less cost. Resources can be upgraded or released flexibly, users pay on demand.

Secure and stable

InCDN adopts high-quality network and multiple security mechanisms , ensures file transfer security, and through timely and professional after-sales service, it protects the normal operation of the website access in 7*24 hours.

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