InHosting (Inspur Cloud Hosting Service) means that users have their own servers and other IT devices, and place it in the high standard computer room environment of the cloud data center, the servers are maintained by the customers themselves / other contractors. Users rent a single or several cabinets to store the server, and hire network resources and other supporting facilities from the cloud data center. The Inspur can provide InHosting users with advanced services such as: project migration, network, security resource use, link load balancing, daily system maintenance, data security management services, equipment hardware warranty maintenance, etc.

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High level computer room ensures stable operation of the business

Perfect computer room construction possesses redundant power supply, fire protection system of the highest level and a complete disaster recovery plan, to ensure stable operation of equipments and continual offering reliable service.

Superior network resources ensure the quality of the entire network access

The computer room is in backbone network layer, accesses to multiple operators such as Mobile / Unicom / Telecom / Education with high quality bandwidth; it ensures the whole network being stably accessed; it adopts SDN network technology, and supports dedicated access, meets the needs of network architecture flexibly.

Network layer security service protection ensures business security

Inhosting accesses to standard network layer security service, defenses Gbps level’s DDoS attack, it can optionally access to high defense service to defense hundreds Gbps level’s DDoS attack. It can reduce the impact of network malicious attacks on the business.

Elastic expansion framework that can interoperate and upgrade with cloud products

Hosted equipment can interoperate with Inspur cloud products in internal network, flexibly combine with cloud products to deploy mixed cloud architecture. A scalable, secure, stable, flexible cloud features business architecture can be realized based on upgrading of the original business architecture.

Sustainable operation of the original business architecture and equipment

The original IDC hosting equipment are moved to the Inspur computer room quickly and completely. The original business architecture can be on-line rapidly, no business transformation costs, shorten the migration cycle, reduce business impact. Continue to use the original device to avoid the waste of idle hardware resources.

Fast access scheme and online management payment

Inspur cloud provides complete and fast access schemes and management programs. One-to-one professional architects follow up to guide and assist smooth migration of the architecture, business can be online quickly. For the traditional IDC outline lengthy process, the Inspur cloud will also fulfill the promise of speed response in InHosting services.

User cases

  • Luoyang Bank
  • Beijing Red Star
  • Qilu Evening News
  • Shandong Geo-mineral
  • Shandong Salt Industry

Computer model

Inspur cloud’s fourth generation data center is located in the Jinan comprehensive bonded zone of Shandong province, cloud center park covers an area of 242 acres, the total area of the data center is up to 160000 square meters, the data center’s overall design and construction standard is the T3+ level. Floor load is up to 1000kg per square meter, its earthquake resistance is above the level of 8, first-stage construction area is 21600 square meters, the number of cabinets is 3800. The data center entirely adopts modular design and construction, the PUE value is less than 1.4.

Cloud service value-added
Within the data center, the Inspur offers a variety of architectural solutions, including but not limited to cloud platform based services, physical cloud server services, access to cloud hosting services, etc. It can realize a true hybrid cloud architecture. Data center on-duty staff provides 24x7 no-worry maintenance services, responds timely. A customer support team composed of experts in various fields, provides a 90 second customer support response service as same as cloud service, no need of work sheet, face the customer’s pain points, greatly reduce operation management costs of the hosting devices for the settled client.
Security system guarantee

24x7 hours security system, access control system and scanning procedures, all-weather monitor working situation of all the staff in the data center.
24x7 hours access control system, only allow authorized data center personnel to obtain certificate of accessing to the data center.
24x7 hours security personnel rotation, and a number of comprehensive background investigations.

Backbone network export and high speed SDN network

Computer network is backbone network, various export bandwidth of Telecom, Unicom, Mobile.
All devices adopt redundant stack hot-standby scheme, the reliability is over 99.99%.
Use SDN network technology, flexibly achieve various needs of network architecture.

Electric power supply

Double way city electric access, ring network to ensure the power supply.
Adopt two way UPS system, 2N redundant backup battery can meet requirements of 1 hour secure power supply in full load.
Power generation and unit is full loaded of 24-hour fuel reserves, the overall power supply reliability is more than 99.99%.

Precise environmental control

The data center adopts water cooling special air conditioner, double loop redundant design.
Air supply mode employs the way of down-supply up-return, ensure efficient ventilation for the data center.
The overall environment constant temperature (22 ± 2 degrees Celsius), constant humidity (40%-60%).

Fire protection system

Adopt fire protection system of the highest standard, all-year all-weather smoke temperature sensing monitoring alarm.
Environmental protection inert gas fire extinguishing system, when a fire accident with minimal probability occurs, can immediately prevent the spread of fire.