Inspur cloud storage (InFile) provides safe, reliable and cost-effective cloud storage services. At least three copies of the stored file will be created, and saved across computer rooms. Access control can be achieved by authentication mechanism; Pay the bill according to the need, but also save storage cost substantially.

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Full network acceleration

Combined with InCDN, InFile uses acceleration function, distributes user's content to nearly 500 service nodes deployed in the world, and conducts intelligent control and caching, calculates the nearest access node for users, provides customers with better and faster network experience.

Image Processing

InFile supports for image post-processing, including the basic image information acquisition, EXIF information acquisition, rotation, clipping, watermark, thumbnail, font list functions and other commonly used image processing functions.


Support setting white list, prevent from stealing link.


Safe and reliable

InFile controls access via authentication mechanism, supports anti-stealing-link with black and white list functions, eliminates illegal access; it backups data with at least three copies, and stores the data across the computer rooms. Data reliability of 99.9999999%, service availability up to 99.99%.

Slice upload

InFile supports slice upload function, avoids duplication uploading caused by network interruption, to enhance the user’s experience.

Flexible billing

Storage space, network traffic, the number of requests are billed in accordance with the user's actual usage, there are some free resources every month, firstly deduct free resources then start billing , save the cost of users.

Elastic expansion

Due to massive storage space, you can expand the space at any time as the usage changes, without worrying about the limitations of data capacity, substantially increase business flexibility.

Developer Support

InFile opens all API to the public, offers HTTP RESTful API, and provides rich SDK to facilitate the development team to use InFile services and manage document quickly.