InDB (Inspur DataBase) is high-performance database service based on mature cloud computing technology. It supports relational and non-relational database, and is fully compatible with MySQL, MongoDB protocols. InDB has the advantages of convenient management, stable and reliable operation, data security and integrity, and meets the requirements of the Internet application system for high performance database; it greatly saves the high hardware cost of self-built database, and effectively reduces operation and maintenance of human input for the database construction, management, backup. It can help your business to be quickly online and stable operation.

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  • Compatible with MySQL/MongoDB protocol
  • Support Web console management operations
  • Support open API interface management
  • Support online creation of instances and configuration changes
  • Support master library slave library architecture
  • Support master library/slave library backup
  • Support system / custom strategy
  • Support backup data recovery within 7 days


Rapid deployment

InDB supports for online deployment, creates high-performance instances in minutes, supports API interface management. It eliminates the procurement, deployment, configuration and other self-built database works. It helps business applications to be quickly online, shortens the project cycle.

Elastic expansion

InDB supports WEB end operation, changes database instance configuration in minute level. It can meet the needs of different business stages on the database performance and storage space, and can also effectively cope with the database upgrade pressure caused by the explosive growth of business.

Excellent performance

Due to the high I/O requirements of the database, InDB uses stable high-performance hardware. Based on the needs of the user's business scenario, the database performance can be optimized continuously and effectively. By supporting the custom adjustment of performance parameters, the database will no longer be the bottleneck of the system architecture.

Data security

Database supports master-slave architecture to ensure online data security. It supports the strategy of master library or slave library backup and multi-time node backup within 7 days, ensures the safety of disaster recovery data, guarantees complete security for the valuable data.

Convenient management

InDB provides WEB management platform, deployment, upgrade, backup, one key completion. It opens API interface to facilitate the realization of the overall application architecture intelligent, systematic, to make the system operation and maintenance management more efficient and convenient.

Strong compatibility

InDB is fully compatible with the MySQL/MongoDB protocol, accesses to the InDB instance via API or client which is based on MySQL/MongoDB protocol. Do not need to make any changes to the source program, it can achieve communication with the InDB to effectively reduce the cost of business migration.

Controllable cost

InDB is able to create and upgrade the needed instance according to the business requirements. No need to purchase high cost hardware at the beginning of the business, InDB effectively reduces the initial capital investment and waste of resources. With convenient and rapid deployment management, it can even more reduce operational cost input of the database deployment and maintenance.