InDisk (Inspur Disk) is hard disk that provides persistent storage space block device for InServer. It has an independent life cycle. Based on the distributed access of network, it can provide high reliable and scalable hard disk for InServer.

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Elastic expansion

The size of each hard disk space is from 1G to 1T. A single InServer can mount several InDisks, so that the maximum capacity can be expanded to dozens of trillionbyte. Even more it can be created and loaded quickly, being equipped with the expansion capability, it can be momentarily extended to a larger capacity.

Data high availability

Each InDisk data have multiple copies of redundancy in the background, and synchronize in real time , to ensure being not subject to the influence of single fault.

Independent persistence

InDisk can be mounted to any InServer. They have different life cycles. When the InServer is removed, InDisk data still exists, and can be mounted to the other InServer for access.

Backup and restore

Users can make a snapshot and a backup of data, then store the data. At any time the data can be recovered according to snapshot points.