InSLB (Inspur Server Load Balancer) is load balancing service, it means realizing automatic assignment service of operation system flux among many cloud servers. It can expand external service ability of operation system via the flow distribution, and realize auto-switch by eliminating single points of failure to improve usability of the operation system and the level of resource utilization.

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Support X-Forwarded-Proto header

By binding the SSL certificate, InSLB can decrypt the original HTTPS protocol data, convert the data to HTTP protocol data, and forward to back-end server. Based on the HTTP data header of X-Forwarded-Proto, the back-end server can judge the original data protocol: · X-Forwarded-Proto: http HTTP data; · X-Forwarded-Proto: https HTTPS data; feature examples: apply InSLB and create two VServers with front-end ports of 80/443, add the same back-end server to two VServers, and the back-end server only need to monitor the port 80. The SSL certificate is bound to the VServer whose front-end port is 443, then the back-end server can determine the original flow protocol by judging X-Forwarded-Proto Header, so as to make the appropriate treatment.

Support client idle connection timeout settings

InSLB can customize the user's idle timeout by modifying the timeout connection time parameter. Function example: In some cases, it is expensive to build TCP connections. For example, the mobile client, often need to maintain a free connection, because the mobile signal is instable, the reestablishment of the connection may take a long time, and will consume a lot of resources. In this case, you can contact the Inspur Cloud to modify the InSLB client idle timeout, to avoid disconnection and reconnection. Currently the support time range is 1-86400s .

Support WebSocket

InSLB supports WebSocket service as load balancing backend connection mode. By establishing two-way connection, it is convenient for WebSocket to push service information. This is a very popular way of communication currently. Function example: InSLB supports all types of WebSocket and supports WebSocket duplex communication mode.


Realization of flow equilibrium

InSLB supports HTTP and TCP protocol, based on the forwarding rules, business flow will be allocated to the back-end business InServer.

Health check

Conduct health checks on the back-end business InServers according to the rules. Automatically isolate abnormal InServer. Once the problem is found, the problematic InServer will be quickly switched to ensure service availability.

Session hold

InSLB provides HTTP session-hold function. After starting session-persisting, according to the characteristics of users, it forwards request to a specific InServer. Consistent users subsequently request to maintain binding to the InServer. InSLB supports two ways of service-end insert cookie and user specified cookie.

Monitoring data

Load balancing level provides the number of new established connections, access bandwidth, export bandwidth per second. Back-end server level provides the number of connections, access bandwidth, export bandwidth per second.

Secure and stable

The use of hot standby switching, combining with a distributed architecture can ensure the high availability of InSLB itself.

User cases

  • Kulv Travel
  • Jilin Tobacco Industrial Co.,LTD.
  • Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
  • China Law Society
  • Tianjin Pharmaceuticals