InNet (Inspur Network) is Inspur Cloud network service to achieve the management of network resources. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is Inspur Cloud private network service , can provide router and subnet functions.

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Network characteristics

Elastic IP

Public elastic IP is public IP address that related to the user account, can be bound to any cloud server applied by users, and can be untied at any time, then be redistributed to other cloud servers; the internal network elastic IP is virtual internal network IP, can be momentarily assigned to the cloud server or be replaced to other cloud servers to achieve a variety of business scenarios.

Bandwidth package

Support two ways including purchasing fixed cycle bandwidth and buying daily bandwidth package coexist, you can flexibly adjust bandwidth according to business requirements. For example, when there is a short-term operating activity and it is needed to increase the bandwidth value, you can buy bandwidth package per day.


The function of software firewall is independent and configurable, by binding the firewall rule to cloud servers, the access to the public network of cloud servers can be controlled and managed, the safety of cloud servers can be provided with necessary guarantee. The firewall supports TCP/UDP/ICMP protocols, through the page operation instead of the traditional firewall policy configuration and management work, it is convenient and easy to use.


Private network characteristics


Users can set up customized subnet rapidly. Each subnet is completely isolated (based on network 2 layers). Users can select their own IP address. Subnet enables DHCP service by default, automatically distributes IP address to the cloud server which has joined subnet.


Router is used to manage the connection of each subnet, it also can access to the Internet, provide the following services: DHCP service, port forwarding. If it is necessary to connect to Internet, users need to bind an external network elastic IP.

User cases

  • Higher Education Press
  • ZhongTai Securities
  • Qizhi Soft
  • China Law Society
  • Sigmatrix
  • Tianjin Pharmaceuticals