Inspur cloud physical Host (Inspur Host) provides special physical server. It provides the most outstanding performance, meets the needs of high performance and stability of the core application scenarios, and can be flexibly used in conjunction with other cloud products.

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Excellent performance

The exclusive physical host adopting high standard hardware and I/O device, can provide excellent server performance, meet your requirements of high performance application scenarios.

Meet special requirements

Dedicated server configuration for special application scenarios, high-quality resources with the most appropriate price. You can have both fish and bear's paw.

Rapidly online

The Inspur host eliminates the cost of operation and maintenance of traditional physical host, lengthy process including transport, build, deploy, debug, disappeared totally, it possesses the same convenient management functions as cloud server, the system can be quickly on-line.

Cloud products combination usage

Physical hosts can be seamlessly connected with cloud servers and multiple products. According to different application requirements, you can combine the advantages of various products, realize a rich cloud architecture, obtain more excellent performance, outstanding security, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Stable and secure

Network multi-link and isolation technology ensure the security of both internal and external, RAID10 with the data redundancy technology can maintain data without worry.