Inspur Server

Based on mature cloud computing technology, high performance infrastructure, superior network bandwidth and high quality data center, InServer(Inspur Server) provided by Inspur Cloud is a computing unit, which can be secure and stable, deployed rapidly, expanded flexibly and managed conveniently.

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Flexible and elastic

According to the development trend of business, you can expand or contract the cloud resources horizontally and vertically at any time to eliminate waste of resources. You can create or release the cloud server at level of minutes, upgrade or downgrade the CPU and memory of cloud server in no more than 5 minutes, online upgrade or downgrade network bandwidth, custom mirroring copy data and cloud server environment easily with customized mirroring function.

Stable and reliable

Commitment of 99.95% service availability, data reliability is not less than 99.9999%. Cloud server local disk is the type of RAID for data protection to prevent data loss; it uses industry leading kernel optimization and hot patch technology, continuous online migration technology, and provides data snapshot function.


Inserver CPU, memory performance indicators are industry-leading. By using unique patented storage technology, the random read and write I/O ability of the disk has improved 10 times of the ordinary SAS disk. Excellent network processing capabilities, meet the requirements of various business applications.

Safety guarantee

Complete isolation between users is 100% to ensure data security. Network firewall function can be provided. Public network connection is strictly access controlled. Cooperating with VPC function, you can create private subnet under individual account, support your internal management security requirements. And provide abundant monitoring and security tools.

Data center

Relying on high-quality hardware resources and infrastructure, the data center of Inspur provides high-quality bandwidth of BGP, Telecom, Unicom for users. According to the business requirements, you can select the corresponding data center for target user region that need to be covered.


Standard mode

Computational resources are resiliently corresponding to the production curve. Using patented I/O technology, its read and write speed is ten times more than that of ordinary SAS hard disk. With the support of console firewall and elastic IP, the usage scenario of standard model can be more flexible.

CPU MEM Disk Public network
1core~16cores 1GB ~ 64GB 0GB ~ 1000GB Support binding EIP network connection

User cases

  • Higher Education Press
  • ZhongTai Securities
  • Qizhi Soft
  • China Law Society
  • Sigmatrix
  • Tianjin Pharmaceuticals

Recommended configurations

  • CPU:2 cores
  • Memory: 4G
  • Public Network Bandwidth:2Mbps
  • Applicable field:Web services,SAAS service
  • ¥ undermined/month
  • CPU:4 cores
  • Memory: 8G
  • Public Network Bandwidth:2Mbps
  • Applicable field:Mobile APP,Mobile game
  • ¥ undermined/month