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Introduction of Inspur Cloud Service

Release time:2017-02-22

Enterprise introduction

Introduction of Inspur Cloud Service

The company full name ( Chinese ): 山东浪潮云服务信息科技有限公司

The company full name ( English ): Shandong Inspur Cloud Service Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Partner: Wang Fang(CEO), Liu Weihua(Vice-General Manager), Yan Liang(Vice-General Manager).

Company Website: cloud.inspur.com


Inspur Cloud Service is the Inspur group's independent subsidiary,based on the Inspur group’s extensive experience technology accumulation in the field of government and industry information for more than 30 years, takes advantage of the safe and reliable cloud platform, the leading domestic technology level and operational capacity to provide the comprehensive cloud services which have covered three levels of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS for regional governments, industry ministries and large enterprises.It helps the regional government to achieve the service transformation, assists the industry ministries in realizing business transformation, aids the large enterprises in achieving operation transformation.


Inspur Cloud Service possesses 16 cloud computing centers across the country, involved in the cloud services planning of 15 ministries. It has established cloud service cooperative relationships with nearly 60 cities and regions including Hainan, Guizhou, Ji'nan, Changde, Fuyang, Mianyang, Haidain district of Beijing, etc., providing the big data fusion and analysis cloud service for the national industry ministries, including the State Administration of quality supervision, the State Administration of Taxation, the National Bureau of statistics. Based on these practical experiences,Inspur Cloud Service has achieved the first share in China government cloud service market.


At present, Inspur Cloud Service possesses six product systems comprising calculation service, storage service, disaster recovery service, database, IDC and application service. The main products include InServer, load balancing, cloud hosting, cloud acceleration, cloud disaster, public opinion analysis. They have been widely used in cloud service projects for all levels of government, enterprises and industry customers, and obtained good feedback. Inserver and online application public opinion analysis services have passed the state trusted cloud service certification, and was awarded the annual government cloud service award in 2015 Trusted Cloud Service Conference.


Inspur Cloud Service has always been taking an open attitude, cooperating with the domestic and foreign mainstream cloud service vendors, and developing cloud service market together. It owns Schneider, ChinaNetCenter, Kingsoft security, Venus, Ali cloud, CommVault and other strategic and product partners.